Is Your Blog Still Relevant?

AHA Blog Post ImageThere has been a great deal of discussion regarding a Pew Internet study that says that young people are moving away from blogging and are more focused on using Facebook and Twitter.

The New York Times has an interesting piece on it as well.

We have had an interesting discussion on this study and the response it has received here in our Vancouver PR agency. While the report itself does show that young people prefer the fast, short updates provided by Facebook and Twitter – it appears to me that we are missing some context here. While Facebook and Twitter provide an opportunity for quick updates and fast outreach, often the updates link to an article, photos or a blog that goes deeper into the topic or idea.

For the most part, discussions start through Facebook or Twitter and then link to more information. Without blogs, we would lose a great deal of that additional information. Here at AHA, we believe blogs can be a valuable part of a communications program. Blogs can be a solid component that contributes to the success of your initiative.

I think before we toss in the towel when it comes to blogging, it’s important to put context around not only this report, but what your organization’s objectives are and what the stakeholder expectations are regarding social media. Young people may not be blogging as much but if they are your target market, are they reading blogs? Where are they finding information online? What is the best approach to reach them online? Have you identified the social media networks that are popular with them? Even if blogging isn’t your main focus, is there value in providing additional information in a blog?

Context is everything.

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