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Our friend and colleague Della Smith of Q Workshops has been telling us about Drive by Daniel H. Pink. We asked her (as we wait for our copy of the book to arrive from Amazon) to write a book review for us for the AHA blog. Here it is:


BY:  Daniel H. Pink

This book resonated as strongly with my brain as it did with my heart.  Dan Pink presents a strong case for a new way at looking at motivation. Say goodbye (well, maybe not totally) to carrots and sticks and say hello to autonomy, mastery and purpose.  Chock full of case studies and research, Pink’s Drive makes a ton of sense to our left-brain logic.  Personally, it appealed to me on an emotional level and I finally feel understood.  Never one to be motivated by money or inspired by fear tactics, this book touched my soul.

Here is a small sample of his wise words:“Perhaps it’s time to toss the very word ‘management’ onto the linguistic ash heap alongside ‘icebox’ and ‘horseless carriage.’ This era doesn’t call for better management. It calls for a renaissance of self-direction.”

Dan, you are the man.

The book structure even worked for me.  He builds the premise and then gives you a toolkit to help implement the concept. I always feel like that is the missing link in books like Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point—I want to know how to use the ideas. Pink also adds cool elements to the book such as words from business gurus on the topic, schools that get it, a reading list of other books, websites to check out and a great notes section.

The only disappointment is the promise of an online survey to check out your own motivations. The survey has some glitch and while he promises it to be up and running soon, it is not.  Small price to pay.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to his newsletter at

Obviously a fan.

Della Smith

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