Good Use Of A Flip Cam

As many of you may know, we are big fans of the use of Flip Video camera at our Vancouver PR agency. Each Friday, we produce an AHA Flip Cam Friday video that is a quick snippet of information, news and PR tips and hints.

I wanted to show you another example of a great use of a Flip Cam. Ben Daughtery of Heartland Health has a video series entitled How’s It Ben Going? (Get it – Ben…Been). It is a rough and tumble video, no production value to speak of, but it’s working for this healthcare communicator.

I do have to warn you that it does take a bit to remove yourself from our expectation of highly produced corporate video, but the fact is, this is the way the world is moving. Have a look and when you have finished watching the video – ask yourself if this is something you might be able to do in your organization. I know for several of our clients, the Flip Cam video has become an incredible asset for sharing information and for asking for feedback.

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