Understanding The Online Demographic

Stats Canada recently released new information on how many people in Canada use the Internet on a regular basis. The Vancouver Sun has an overview on it here.

According to Stats Canada, in 2009 usage jumped up to 80% (or 21.7 million Canadians) up from 73% in 2007. The increase shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone.

The world has changed how we communicate and online is now a big part of it. However, it is important to keep in mind that online isn’t everything. Social media is a tool – much like town halls, newsletters, communications audits, brochures (does anyone actually print brochures anymore?) and news releases.

Social media provides us with an opportunity to build relationships. It’s a great opportunity, but it isn’t the only one. Understanding your demographic and where they are online is of value, but you also need to understand other components – that includes tools and tactics that aren’t focused on social media. One can support the other, but don’t for a second think that because 80% of the Canadian population is online that all of your resources should go to connecting via social media.

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