The value of Twitter


Twitter is still the hot social media tool, despite not being “for everyone.” At AHA, we participated in a social media teleseminar yesterday with Peter Shankman and Chris Brogan (you can check out the tweets at #broman). It was very interesting and engaging and, as always with Peter and/or Chris, we learned something. 

After the call we discussed the value of different social media tools and when we got around to Twitter, it was very interesting. We have clients that wouldn’t benefit from being active on Twitter, but we think it’s important for them to be aware of it and to monitor it to make sure they know what is being said about their organization.

We have read several interesting articles and blog posts recently on stats and information about the use of Twitter. Rohit Bhargava has a good blog post that highlights a recent report by social media analytics provider Sysomos. It gives a good overview of how people use Twitter. also has an interesting article up that talks about how advertisers and consumers view Twitter. According to the article, research data gleaned that only 8% of those surveyed say it is an effective promotional tool. While I do think that right now the value of Twitter is a little overstated, I am not sure that this survey showcases how effective using Twitter can be for certain campaigns.

On the call yesterday with Chris (@chrisbrogan) and Peter (@skydiver), they put forward some valuable ideas about the use of social media in general and Twitter specifically. One of the key points that hit home here at AHA was that social media has changed an organization’s approach from where do I advertise to where do I listen? That’s a big change in how the world works and one that I think will only continue to grow and evolve. Organizations in all industries need to begin participating.

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