Social Media Usage

There is a great blog post on that showcases some interesting facts and stats about how people use social media. It’s definitely worth a read.

AHA Take

We often receive calls from potential clients where the person calling is concerned that their organization is late to the social media party.  I think that more organizations than most of us realize are still working out how social media fits into their overall communications strategy. It may seem like yours is the only organization out there that isn’t engaged in social media, but that isn’t the case. I believe that how much an organization moves into and how proactively you use social media depends on several things, including how it can fit into your communication strategy, how it will support the core business/organizational objectives, the target market or community that you would like to connect with, and the ability to effectively resource the area of social media.

Whether an organization is proactive online or not, I believe it is crucial to understand what is being said about your industry/area of business, about your organization, your competitors and the people in your business. We’ve heard for years that the best conversation skill you can have is the ability to listen. Well, that goes double for social media.

Check out the stats and facts in the blog post, they give a good snapshot of how people are using social networks to connect. And odds are good that somewhere out there, they’re discussing your organization in some way.

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