Social Media and Public Relations

Tamar Weinberg has a great blog post on the seven truths about social media marketing. It’s worth a read.

One of the key points that we focus on, here at AHA, is that social media doesn’t live in a silo. It needs to be integrated throughout your marketing and communications efforts. More often than we should, we hear about organizations that have something happening on a social networking site that their communications team knows nothing about.

It reminds me of the days when an ad for an organization would run without anyone from the communications department being involved. Marketing, communications and PR weren’t connected and campaigns didn’t realize their full potential because of that.

It is essential that any external outreach is integrated and that advertising, marketing and PR departments work as a team. I believe that there are different approaches in social media – some are marketing focused, others belong with PR – but that overall, it all has to come together in a cohesive approach or your successes will be random and your failures will be often.

What do you think – how important is it for your external outreach to be integrated?

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