Online before coffee

According to an article in the New York Times, many people hit the Internet before they even have a cup of coffee. Checking Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites has become second nature, as has reading the news on your computer rather than waiting for it to be delivered to your door.

Not only has how we access the information that is valuable to our lives changed, where we get that information and what we want has evolved as well. Mass media has taken a back seat to customized media. Each person has specific interests that they focus on and it’s important for organizations to not only realize this, but to embrace it. 

We are becoming information consumers and we turn to the world online first to find out about topics and areas of interest to us. What a great opportunity to connect with your stakeholders. Even before their first cup of coffee they are out there looking to be a part of the conversation, they want to know what is happening in the world in relation to their lives, and they are engaged and ready to participate with you. What could you be doing to be a part of their morning?

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