Everything Changes…

I am heading into the home stretch in executing a social media campaign for Tourism New Zealand. This is the second year for the TRENZblog campaign and things are different from last year. There is a deeper interactive engagement this year. Last year, we had a similar number of overall views, but this year, our target community is more active on Twitter and in commenting on the blog. And there is a buzz at Tourism Industry Rendezvous New Zealand (TRENZ) about the blog.

It takes time for industries to adapt to change and the use of social media is a big change. There are some very interesting organizations using different components of social media and I think that next year, we will see even more innovative and creative ways for companies to connect and engage in conversations with their target markets.

Tourism is an interesting case study when it comes to social media. Consumers have jumped into the pool using sites like Trip Advisor, Cruise Critic and other review sites to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I think it is going to take some time for a lot of organizations to realize that, used well, social media starts a conversation. It is about building relationships and creating connections, not just pushing out information.

While my time here in New Zealand is drawing to a close, I think that my work in supporting Tourism New Zealand and in sharing the wonders of this beautiful country with the world through an interactive conversation is just beginning.

Kia Ora!

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