Do You ‘Get’ Twitter?

AHA - Twitter ImageI have to admit, when Twitter first launched several years ago, I wasn’t sure whether it would have a business purpose. Now, however, I clearly see the value for some organizations – notice I say some, not all.

Are you struggling with the value of Twitter? There is a great post on that outlines the value and showcases a Twittamentary (Twitter documentary). If you are still wondering whether Twitter would be a worthwhile tool for your organization, this post and the Twittamentary are worth your time.

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  1. Nick

    In response to your comment about twitter being of value to some, not all businesses, I would say I have to agree. I think a big part of the value is where the followers of different types of business are found. If your business’s clients or potential clients are twitter followers then yes, you should be tweeting.

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