Communicating Using Only Social Media

There is an interesting piece in Mashable about @SilentClark, who has decided to remain silent for a month. He’s only communicating through social media as a fundraising effort. It’s an interesting approach and one that is breaking through the clutter to generate some media attention for @SilentClark.

This piece is worth a read because it is showcasing some of the challenges and opportunities in social media in an entertaining way. For example, he talks about the “delay factor” – that as immediate as social media is, it still takes the time and effort to communicate through Twitter, Facebook or even a text message. Person-to-person communication is more direct. That impacts not only how you communicate, but how you receive the information and how you respond. There are differences in using social media that might not be apparent on the surface, but that, when you get into it, you realize that it is a different way of communicating. I think that sometimes we forget that and we expect people to respond through social media the same way they would in person. And they don’t.

This article is worth a read.

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