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  1. scott

    Cool. I like this Flip Cam friday idea!

  2. genegeek

    This is a great idea. Why did you chose Vimeo instead of YouTube or other site?

  3. Hey genegeek — The quality at Vimeo is always good. We were going to put the videos up on YouTube as well, but had some quality control challenges there. For the purposes of Flip Cam Fridays, we’re focused on providing good and quick video hits through our blog – Vimeo works for us in this aspect.

    Flip Cam Friday videos are being produced specifically for readers of our blog — I doubt I am going to anything on video that will go wild viral — although you never know! For the most part, we want to use them to showcase how quick and easy video clips can showcase an organization (big or small) and provide a range of interesting content to our blog readers.

    Thanks for watching!


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