Be Careful What You Say Out Loud

U.S. President Barack Obama is in hot water because he had a conversation that should have been private in front of a hot microphone.

You need to be vigilant when dealing with the media – especially when there is a camera, microphone or audio recorder involved. Obama is a smart guy, he deals with the media on a daily basis… it was a lapse in judgment. And it happens to the best of us.

Of course there are things you wouldn’t necessarily want to say publicly. It doesn’t mean you are hiding anything. It’s just a fact of business, of politics, of life. It’s important to remember that whatever you say or write – in an email, in a text, in a memo, on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn, leave on a voicemail or say to a colleague in the line at Starbucks – can be shared. And depending who you are, what organization you work with and what you are saying – it may well be shared.

Be careful what you say out loud. Be careful what you say on social media. Be careful what you write in emails. Never discuss confidential topics if there is a microphone, camera or tape recorder in the room. They might be on – and hot.

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