The power of good content

Developing good content is crucial to your organization. Your stakeholders are interested in your organization (if they aren’t, there is a problem) and it is important to build on that interest. Your website, blog and social media networking sites are opportunities to provide information and news, to authentically tell your story and, done well, to have people who think it is interesting share it with their friends and colleagues.

Good content helps with search engine optimization (SEO), it helps to build community and it allows you to reach out and share stories with your stakeholder group.

One of the first things a potential client asks us when they approach AHA about working with them is: What makes good content? That might seem like a question that is easier to answer than it actually is, because what the CEO, president or senior team see as good might actually be more like brochure copy or marketing speak – and that style of outreach is pretty old school. People are intelligent, they are informed, and sales copy doesn’t cut it anymore.

There are lots of blog posts and articles online that list overused buzzwords. You can check out a couple here and here.

The development of good content – whether it is an article, a white paper, a news release, a video, images or a podcast – has to provide interesting, relevant and useful information to the audience. It shouldn’t be about what you want them to hear; rather something that will make their life better, will teach them something, and will make them think. And by doing that, you will better position your organization. I realize that seems counter-intuitive to some – especially to people who are used to using the buzzwords. But it is time to learn to use a new language – one of authenticity, one that shares rather than sells, one that tells a compelling and engaging story.

David Merman Scott (an AHA favourite) has a great piece on HSBC and their approach to sharing information about their organization and how well they have done it. His piece is worth a read if you are interested in creating great content for your organization.

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