Is your PR agency doing a good job?

The Idea Grove, a Dallas-based PR agency has released an assessment quiz designed to help corporate communicators determine whether their PR agency is doing a good job for them. It’s worth a read – for both clients and those of us in agencies.

We circulated the link here at AHA and I think I might frame it and put it up over my desk. This quiz has great questions that anyone working with an agency should ask themselves and that agencies should review to make sure that they are excelling.

We have a mix of clients that we have had for years along with clients that have been with us a year or so and several organizations have just named AHA Creative Strategies as their PR agency of record. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent work that is supported by incredible client service. However, I think that every agency—including ours—needs to realistically assess themselves on a regular basis and see where they might do better and deliver more to the client.

We have regular internal meetings at AHA that are designated: “What more can we do.” They focus on going the extra mile for our clients. Over the next few weeks, I am going to bring these questions to the meeting and one by one, go through them regarding each of our clients.

As a boutique agency, we know we have to consistently exceed expectations. We are often asked to put forward proposals and to pitch for large organizations, the same ones the much bigger PR agencies are after. In order for us to be competitive, we need to deliver excellence (which we do), but we also need to showcase why we would be an asset to the client. When we put forward a proposal to a potential client, it’s more than a business development document; it’s our promise to them. Being awarded the opportunity to work with a client is only the start. The next steps are to consistently deliver excellence on a daily basis. Asking ourselves the questions in this quiz on a regular basis is a little bit like putting on a seat belt in a car. It’s a pre-emptive move to make sure that we are buckled down and professional in delivering on strategy, offering creative ideas and ensuring the small details are looked after, like making sure there are no typos in documents, even if it is just a draft.

Thanks to the team at The Idea Grove. This quiz will make us even better at what we do.

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