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AHA Blog Post - Creating And Maintaining A Good Corporate Blog

There is an excellent post on that focuses on The 5 Cs Of Blogger Relations. It is worth a read.

AHA Take

When I worked for Maclean’s magazine, we used to have story meetings to decide what got into the magazine and what didn’t. I can remember thinking that it was a shame that so many stories didn’t make it. It was just a space issue. These days, we’re still up against space issues and it is more competitive than ever in getting good stories told.

It is one of the reasons we started our Vancouver PR firm – to help our clients tell their stories in an authentic, engaging manner. Bloggers are a huge part of PR and I think that understanding how to work with bloggers is an important PR skill. Bloggers are different than journalists, but equally important. Just as we wouldn’t approach every journalist the same way, you shouldn’t generically approach bloggers either.

Social media and technology provides an incredible opportunity for organizations to connect with stakeholders; build a community; have an authentic conversation and to fully understand what the expectations, needs and demands are of your target audience. Bloggers are a huge resource and building relationships with them is crucial to creating effective communications outreach for many organizations. Building relationships with bloggers is, in AHA’s opinion, a key component of many successful communications initiatives. And, not just to generate coverage in blogs, but to ask the blogger for his or her opinion. Bloggers can provide a wealth of knowledge and insight, especially if they write about a specific area or industry.

Reach out and connect, it’s worth the effort.

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