‘Great Ride’ Opens in New Zealand

Santa Monica, CA – Cycling enthusiasts look no further – the first of the New Zealand Cycle Trail’s “Great Rides” just opened near Hanmer Springs on the South Island. This is the first chance for cyclists to cover New Zealand on the nationwide cycle network.

The trail passes through the iconic backcountry of St. James Conservation Area and is marketed and branded as one of the country’s Great Rides under Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail.

The 64 km-long St. James Cycle Trail offers iconic scenery and a mix of trail standards. Ride down spectacular river valleys, past high-country lakes, through beech forest and grassland valleys.

Of the 18 nationally promoted cycle trails, it requires the greatest level of experience to complete.

Experienced mountain bikers are expected to complete the full trail in roughly 10 hours. There are four huts along the way, providing a chance to make a weekend of it.


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