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AHA Creative Strategies Launches New Services

Vancouver, B.C. – AHA Creative Strategies now offers clients the opportunity to work with a small Brand Journalism team focused on creating compelling, credible and  relevant stories about their organizations, AHA CEO Ruth Atherley announced recently. The AHA Brand Journalism Team is made up of a cross-section of broadcast and print journalists and strategic communicators with experience in social media. These new services focus on creating engaging and well-produced content that effectively shares the organization’s story with target stakeholders  and provides the opportunity for interactivity and ongoing connection.

“Social media has completely rearranged how we communicate,” says Atherley. “People don’t want to be ‘sold’ to – they want to authentically connect and engage with a brand. Many organizations have great stories to tell; but, unfortunately, they get lost or ignored if they are communicated in a manner that feels like a sales pitch. We help clients to tell their stories in an authentic way, using news values and an approach that is built on journalistic integrity. Telling a truthful, interesting story earns credibility, respect and loyalty. It can be a huge asset in building and maintaining a positive reputation for an organization.”

AHA’s Brand Journalism services provide clients with a range of content creation, distribution and engagement options. The team is made up of respected print and broadcast journalists based in Vancouver and Toronto. AHA’s Brand Journalism services are delivered through a range of mediums including online video segments, podcast or vodcast interviews, video news releases, articles, blog posts, e-books, white papers, online Q&As, social media and social networking interaction and more. The content is created to deliver value to internal and external stakeholder groups. For more information, check out Atherley discussing Brand Journalism.

For case studies on the value of AHA’s Brand Journalism services, please visit the AHA website.

AHA Creative Strategies Inc. is a boutique communications company with offices in Vancouver and Gibsons, B.C. and a strong presence in Toronto, Ont. and Calgary, Alta. With clients throughout North America, AHA provides strategic public relations consulting services to a wide range of clients in diverse industry sectors. AHA clients include Tourism New Zealand, Vancouver Community College, Capital Regional District, Richmond Centre, Happy Planet, Red Dog Deli Raw Food Company Inc. and Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation.

AHA clients have been covered by CNN, NBC’s The Today Show, FOX News, Canada AM, Maclean’s magazine, The New York Times, New York Post, The Globe and Mail, National Post and many other local, national and international media.


For more information on AHA Creative Strategies, please contact Paul Holman at 604.303.1052 or via email at

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