Developing A Good Blog

There is a great post on problogger on how to add more fun to your blog. It is worth a read. Adding more fun to your blog will inspire you to blog more often and, done well, it will re-engage your readers. When you are into it, they will be into it.

Just a quick note on blogging…I have read plenty that says blogging is dead. I don’t think blogging has hit its prime yet. I think it goes back to understanding your objectives. Not every CEO should blog and I don’t necessarily think that every organization should have a blog. However, there are some great opportunities to use this tool to connect with your stakeholders.

Often when we speak with clients, we see that they have fallen into the trap of thinking that they need to use a blog in the most traditional way—external, writing everyday without fail. Depending on the objectives, you might want to set up a time-limited blog that deals with a specific topic or topics. You could also develop an ongoing blog with a range of guest bloggers that augment the lead blogger. Or you could have an internal facing blog that connects your leadership team with staff.

A blog doesn’t always have to be about serious information. It does, however, need to be taken seriously. At AHA, when we work with clients to develop blogs or other content for Twitter, Facebook, online newsletters, etc., we create an editorial calendar that outlines the upcoming topics for the next three to four months. It is important to develop good content or else the initiative is bound to fail. What you write needs to engage the readers. It needs to be relevant to the readers. It needs to be informative. It needs to compel your readers to come back because you have something valuable to say and they have the opportunity to participate in a real conversation. Creating a successful blog isn’t easy, but it is of great value.

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