The AHA 100 Cups of Coffee Campaign

dreamstime_xs_48486420Several conversations with colleagues, mentors and the AHA Creative Strategies team recently inspired me to take on an interesting campaign. We’re calling it The AHA 100 Cups of Coffee Campaign. In a nutshell, I am aiming to meet 100 different individuals for a cup of coffee (or tea – we’re not sticklers for that detail) from July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017.

I am currently at person number five and I am loving this opportunity. I am meeting with people I know and those I don’t – people recommended by friends and colleagues and others who I am connected to on LinkedIn or on other social media networks, but haven’t met yet. I am meeting with former colleagues I worked with or wish I had and with former clients. Others are individuals who I like and respect, but have lost touch with.

My goal with this campaign is pretty simple: I just want to learn about the person, about his or her professional life, perspective, passions and ideas – and to connect. I hope I provide value to the conversation and that our meeting provides a benefit to that person too – that each of us leaves our coffee meeting feeling inspired or having learned something or just happy to have met someone interesting.

I am not going into these meetings with an “ask” or any kind of agenda. I have to admit, I am tired of people – mostly strangers and acquaintances – only wanting to connect when they want something from me. It gets old fast.

The AHA 100 Cups of Coffee Campaign came about from some incredible conversations about how many smart, thought-provoking and thoughtful, engaged and engaging, interesting people there are in the world – and that if I don’t get out there, I won’t get to know them!

What I hope will happen is that everyone I meet with will find the interaction to be of value and that we will both walk away feeling inspired, interested, with new ideas or a different perspective. Perhaps I will be a conduit to something positive for them or I will facilitate an introduction or an opportunity for them – or perhaps they will do that for me… who knows. But the main purpose is to connect and engage in an authentic way that is enjoyable, inspiring or thought-provoking – or all three.

Let me know if you – or someone you think I should meet – have time for a coffee with me! I would love to connect.

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  1. Robson Cabral

    I loved your idea and want to share my knowledge and talk to you.

  2. Ruth Atherley

    Hello Robson,

    Thank you very much for the comment. Please email me your contact details at and we’ll work to connect.

    Thank you.

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