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Happy 2011.  We are happy to be back at work here at our Vancouver PR agency. We loved the break, but we’re ready to get back to business and we think 2011 is going to be an exceptional year!

There was an excellent blog post on that created some discussion in the AHA office today. The post talks about the importance of looking at a range of social media networks and opportunities, and ensuring that you don’t get caught up in the “Facebook and Twitter are the only tools out there” attitude.

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There is a great article on that focuses on writing a social media release. It has some great points in it and it’s worth a read.

We don’t recommend social media releases for all clients or every project, but there are times when it provides added value. It’s important to think about a social media release strategically. Don’t let your excitement in doing something that has some “cool” elements push you to develop one when you don’t need to. And, on the other side, make sure you focus on the message that you want to put forward and don’t get caught up in the technology and what can be done. Do what should be done.

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