Creating And Maintaining A Good Corporate Blog

AHA Blog Post - Creating And Maintaining A Good Corporate BlogA corporate blog is a great opportunity to connect with stakeholders. Having more than one blogger can be helpful to keeping the blog content current and engaging.

If you look at a blog much like a magazine or newspaper columnist would approach their work, you would identify the topics or subjects for each post and set a schedule to develop the content.

Making sure that there are new posts uploaded on a consistent basis is crucial. We all know what it’s like to go to a blog that hasn’t had any new content for months.

We often work with clients to develop a blog editorial schedule that helps to manage the blogging process. Depending on the blog, we often assist clients to set up interviews that will provide a different perspective for their blog. We also research stats and facts on topics. It’s easy for someone writing to make an error based on incorrect information or an assumption. If you put up something that is factually incorrect, that can hurt the credibility of your blog.

A well-written, consistent blog can provide great value for an organization both internally and externally. Approaching it like it’s a professional column is a way that we have found to ensure that new content is developed with accurate information, a focus on the reader, and there is a commitment to being accurate and consistent.

What are the key points for you when it comes to your corporate blog?

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