Social Media Success

Last week I attended and participated in a presentation given by our friend and colleague Della Smith of Q Workshops. This presentation was focused on how you include social media in your overall communications strategy. What I like about this presentation is that it provides a roadmap of what you should do, as well as showcases what not to do. Della and I present a specialized workshop for organizations where we walk clients through developing or updating their communications plan to include social media. Our approach is always to work with our client to design a proactive plan that includes reactive components, blending traditional communications with social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very important to understand what not to do. However, I know that when clients come to our Vancouver PR agency, they also want to know what they should be doing to engage their communities. They look to AHA for guidance on being proactive and reaching out, to create engagement and, in some cases, experiment a little to see what works best. It isn’t just about avoiding failure, but creating success in developing a strategy that includes social media.

Perhaps it’s me, on this sunny morning, we just had our daily Work-In-Progress media at AHA and I am feeling positive and inspired about the future for our boutique Vancouver PR agency. I think we’re seeing a shift in how communicators view social media. They are ready to actively embrace social media and want to know how to effectively include it into the overall communications plan.

If you are interested in speaking with AHA about the workshop that we deliver in partnership with Della Smith of Q Workshops, please send us an email.

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