Great Resources Online

There are many resources online to help communicators that would like to learn more about social media. PR News has just launched PR Peeps, an online communicators’ network created to bring together communications professionals across all aspects of the industry including agencies, corporations and non-profits. Membership is free and while the site is pretty new (it only launched a week or so ago), it looks like it might be of value.

One of the best sites online is While it is U.S.-based and tends to be a little U.S. centric, there is an abundance of great information available here – from case studies to articles to blogs to videos and other resources to help you do your job. There are two levels of membership – free and paid. While the free has some great content, we subscribe to this site and it’s well worth the cost.

There are of course many blogs that focus on communication, PR and social media as well. Some of those are listed on our blogroll and still others are out there waiting to be discovered.

If you know of a good online resource, please let us know!

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