New AHA Crew Member

I am thrilled to announce that Laurie Hanley has joined the AHA Creative Strategies team.

It’s always exciting when we add a new crew member to AHA. As a virtual agency, we have some of the best and brightest on board with our Vancouver PR agency. They are contractors that we have had long–term relationships with, relationships that allow us to provide world-class excellence for our clients.

I have known Laurie for more than a decade. When I first met her, I was Director of Communications and Laurie was an acting student at Vancouver Film School. Laurie really stood out to me. She understood the value of publicity and reputation management for an actor and she understood the “business side” of the art of acting. We kept in touch over the years (thanks Facebook!) and when an opportunity came up, it was natural for AHA to see if Laurie wanted to work with us as a PR Coordinator.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Laurie is our early bird. She is four hours ahead of us and even when we’re in the office at the crack of dawn, she’s already been up and done lots!

Check out Laurie’s bio here. We’re excited at having Laurie as a part of our crew!

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