February 2010

There is an excellent post on Mashable on The Science of Building Trust With Social Media. The content in this post provides an interesting perspective on what can be achieved through social media and what some of the challenges might be. It is also worth reading the comments below this post to see what others are thinking.

One of the great things about the widespread acceptance of social media is that good organizations, the ones that want to develop and provide good products and services for their customers, have a real opportunity to build trust.

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I had a discussion with a client yesterday about the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. She is based in L.A. and the only coverage they get of the games is from NBC. NBC, for some reason, has chosen not to provide live coverage of the games. My client is in the same time zone as the games, she has a television in her office, she would have the competitions on if she could—but they aren’t live.

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For Immediate Release – February 22, 2010

The Obakki Foundation Collection is now available for purchase

Vancouver, B.C. – The recently launched Obakki Foundation hit the ground running and has already begun funding several important projects in Cameroon, Africa. Founded in 2009 by Treana Peake – entrepreneur, mom and wife of Nickelback guitarist Ryan Peake – the foundation has released a limited series of fashion pieces inspired by the words and drawings of 150 orphans living in Africa. Items include men’s and women’s tees, scarves, bags and children’s clothing, and are available at www.obakkifoundation.org. Supporters can also purchase first aid kits and other basic needs that will be shipped to Africa – and hand-delivered when Treana returns in May 2010 – with 100% of proceeds going directly to the orphanages.

While in Africa this past December, the Peakes visited the orphans to show them the pieces that were inspired by their words and drawings. “It was incredibly gratifying and emotional to show the children the power of their words,” said Treana. “They’re seeing that because of their answers, proper food, education and health care will soon be available. They’re giving themselves a future.”

In addition the Peakes checked on current projects and met with village leaders to fully comprehend the needs of the communities, working with them to determine new initiatives that will focus on education, health and water treatment projects. Peake explains, “In Cameroon, everyone must pay for school and health care, so many go without. Our projects range from $25.00 to send a child to school for a year, to $80,000 for a new medical center that will service several villages. Every donation, regardless of the amount, has an immediate and direct impact on these people.”

Their adventures, such as using machetes to access remote jungle locations, sleeping in isolated villages and meeting extraordinary people along the way, are recounted in heartbreaking, exhilarating detail on the Obakki Foundation’s blog and Facebook page (search: Obakki Foundation).

Founded by Treana Peake in 2009, the Obakki Foundation is committed to offering hope, empowerment and the chance for people to learn and grow around the world. The Obakki Foundation provides opportunities to use ideas, art and fashion to assist others in standing up and participating in improving their own lives – and the lives of those around them. All proceeds go directly into the projects. Not just a percentage of the profits, not just some of the money – every penny goes back to the community.


For more information on the Obakki Foundation, please contact Paul Holman of AHA Creative Strategies at (604) 303-1052 or email paul@ahacreative.com.

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Rhino Marketing LogoFor Immediate Release – February 15, 2010

Vancouver, B.C. – Rhino Marketing Inc., one of North America’s leading online marketing agencies, has opened a new office in Los Angeles, California, Chief Rhino Doug Morneau recently announced. This expansion will allow Rhino to facilitate business development in the United States and improve service with existing U.S. clients. The new office is conveniently located in the heart of L.A.’s financial district.

“We have done significant business in the U.S. market for a number of years and it was time to have a physical presence there,” said Morneau. “The recent economic downturn has had an interesting impact on our growth. As an Internet marketing agency, we found the need for measured marketing has grown our business as companies demand accountability for their marketing spend. At Rhino, measurement and return-on-investment have always been a strong part of what we provide for clients.”

According to Morneau, Rhino is increasing its business development efforts in the U.S. because they offer a solution to companies looking to increase sales results in a challenging economic time. Rhino offers clients exceptional return-on-investment using their unique combination of deep customer marketing insight, technology and online expertise.

Founded in 1997, Rhino Marketing Inc. is a leading Internet marketing services agency. With offices in Canada and the United States, Rhino Marketing Inc. offers clients a single source for the design, execution and ongoing advancement of Internet marketing initiatives. The Rhino Marketing team operates at the intersection of traditional strategy-based marketing and the rapidly evolving digital world of e-marketing, providing clients with a strategic, integrated approach that creates strong results. An active member of its community, Rhino Marketing is involved in a range of charitable and philanthropic organizations, events and initiatives. As Rhino grows and expands as a company, so does their commitment to making the world a better place, locally and globally. For more information, please visit www.rhino.ca.


For more information or an interview with Doug Morneau, please contact Paul Holman at paul@ahacreative.com or at 604.303.1052.

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