Flip Camera

PR-squared.com has an excellent series about social media. Today, the collaborative effort looks at the top five communications experiments to consider. It’s worth a read.

AHA Take…

One of the challenges of social media is that there is always something new and it seems like, no matter what you are doing, there is always something you aren’t and either wish you were or you’re asked by your CEO why you aren’t!

For most organizations, stepping into social media creates a shift in culture and that needs to be acknowledged. When we work with clients, we often recommend taking small steps forward – starting out small and building on successes. This approach makes moving into or expanding social media communications outreach feel more realistic, more “doable” in the busy day-to-day lives of our clients.

Having said that, we also talk a lot about video at our Vancouver PR agency these days. Video is an important and growing tool for a communicator. It doesn’t have to be a big production, slick corporate type video. Short video clips taken with a Flip Camera can create a strong interaction and can really engage your stakeholders.

Think about it, what could video do to showcase the personality, the quality, and the people behind your brand?

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