UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL: Wednesday, May 6 – 11 a.m. (EST)

TWU STT logoVancouver, B.C. – Canada’s first unemployment clock will be unveiled on Parliament Hill on Wednesday, May 6 at 11 a.m. The National Unemployment Clock, which will offer a real-time count of job loss in Canada, is mounted on a truck and will travel from Ottawa to Vancouver throughout the month-long campaign. It will make designated stops along the way, providing people across the country with the opportunity to add their support through community events, a petition and other grassroots initiatives. This campaign is focused on raising awareness about the danger of continuing to allow large corporations, like TELUS, to take jobs out of Canada and move them abroad. It was developed to help bring Canadians together in a movement that demands local, provincial and federal governments step in and put a stop to the offshoring of jobs, a practice that is a key contributor to the growing unemployment crisis in Canada.

Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) is sponsoring this national awareness campaign.

PRESS CONFERENCE DATE: Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TIME: 11 a.m. (EST)

LOCATION: 130 S, Charles Lynch Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

SPEAKERS: John Carpenter, TWU Vice President

Peter Julian, Member of Parliament, Burnaby-New Westminster

Hassan Yussuff, Canadian Labour Congress Secretary-Treasurer

VISUAL: TWU Vice President John Carpenter with the National Unemployment Clock.

INTERVIEWS: TWU representatives will be available for interviews immediately following the unveiling of the National Unemployment Clock.

Additional Information

The first official community stop that the National Unemployment Clock will be at is the TELUS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, May 7 at 10:30 a.m. at the National Gallery of Canada, 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa.

Media kits will be provided at the unveiling of the National Unemployment Clock, at the TELUS AGM or can be downloaded at


For further information or to set up interviews with TWU Vice President John Carpenter or TWU Representative Diane Pepin, please contact Paul Holman of AHA Creative Strategies Inc. at 604-303-1052, or at

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For Immediate Release – April 20, 2009

The Change Artist logoVancouver, B.C. – Carla Rieger, a well-known speaker, creativity catalyst and corporate consultant, has just announced the launch of The Change Artist, her first full-length novel. The book, which is available on,, at select bookstores throughout North America, and at, was inspired by a true and personal story of loss, deception, intrigue, drama and change.

A gripping and unpredictable adventure, The Change Artist is a compelling read that follows the story of a young woman facing dramatic emotional turmoil as she watches her life unravel in front of her. Using many of the tools that Carla teaches in her workshops, the heroine takes on the challenge of putting the world that she was once so sure of, back together again – this time using different pieces.

The Change Artist Book Cover“I help people to embrace change and use tools of creativity and innovation in my consulting business,” explains Rieger. “While the events that took place in my own life aren’t as dramatic as those in the book—it is a work of fiction, after all—I did draw on the strategies and tools that I teach to help me not just cope, but to embrace the dramatic changes that were happening in my life. I really had to ‘walk the talk’ as I went through my own adventure of self-growth. This novel was born out of that journey, and my subsequent journey of helping others.”

The Change Artist will appeal to adult book lovers on a search for more meaning in life and wanting to be entertained in the process. Rieger deftly weaves valuable life lessons in between the lines of the dramatic and fast-paced story of acceptance, growth and hope.


For more information or an interview with Carla Rieger, please contact Paul Holman of AHA Creative Strategies Inc. at or 604-303-1052.

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