Should you use social media during an issue?

Posted by Paul Holman of AHA Creative Strategies on August 29th, 2014

In today’s AHA Fast Take Friday, Ruth talks about the use or non-use of social media during an issue.

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Everyone is watching – reputation management

Posted by Ruth Atherley of AHA Creative Strategies on August 26th, 2014

(Editor’s Note – August 27, 2014: Ruth Atherley has written a second blog post to update the situation.)


Many people are outraged after seeing a video showing a man in an elevator kicking a one-year-old Doberman pinscher dog and then hauling the dog off the elevator by its leash.

If you don’t know about this deplorable act, you can learn about it here.

Desmond Hague, CEO of American corporation Centerplate, Inc. (which has contracts with BC Pavilion Corporation, the Crown Corporation responsible for operating BC Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre) was identified as the person abusing the …

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How to effectively communicate during an issue or crisis

Posted by Ruth Atherley of AHA Creative Strategies on June 04th, 2013

Being prepared for an issue or crisis is important. Even if you don’t think something negative will happen to your organization, take a moment and think about all the worst-case scenarios that could possibly happen. Then, at the very least, outline the chain of command for communication, how you would provide this information to those affected and to other stakeholders – including media – and how you would follow up and ensure that you consistently communicate and update people as the issue or crisis evolves or is resolved.

Here at AHA, we have worked with clients on some incredibly challenging …

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