Brand Journalism

The growing use of social media and the decline of traditional mainstream media has created an exciting opportunity for organizations. One-dimensional news releases no longer provide value or, in most cases, results. Brand journalism creates results through campaigns and initiatives that are goal-driven, measurable and compelling.

As an organization, you have the opportunity to create relevant, informative and engaging multimedia content that can be used to connect with a range of stakeholders including government, employees, customers or clients, board members, traditional media, citizen journalists and other online influencers.

Today’s take-charge consumers expect – in fact, demand – the opportunity to connect and interact with you, and often, with each other. They also want the organizations they deal with to be honest, transparent and engaged in their community.

Do you connect with your stakeholders in this way? Are you telling your story in a manner that allows connection and develops engagement and loyalty?

A brand journalism approach makes it easy for your target market to access and share your organization’s news, information and successes. It allows for an ongoing, authentic connection with your community. Imagine what this means for stakeholder relations and your brand reputation.

Taking a journalistic-style approach to well-written and well-produced content is a proactive way to create positive interest in your organization. Some examples include developing content via an online newsroom, video or multimedia news releases, video segments, editorial style articles, fact sheets, white papers, blogs, and updates and conversations on Twitter and social media network content.

You have an opportunity that has never before been available – to provide interesting, engaging and entertaining content directly to your target market. You can report on what is happening in your organization, in your industry, on new products, services, initiatives and success stories in a way that the general public, specifically your stakeholders, will enjoy and find valuable. Creating interesting content that isn’t all marketing speak or sales promise goes a long way in creating an authentic connection with your communities.

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