Michael Davis – (Former) Director, Marketing and Communications GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

I have worked with Ruth and Paul for over a decade, most recently in my capacity of Director, Marketing and Communications for GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions.

Since I had a small internal team, AHA functioned as my de facto communications department. They provided many of the usual public relations services, but also went well beyond in areas like securing us brand journalism opportunities – resulting in not only many thousands of dollars of earned media, but also visibility in highly credible spaces frequented by our target markets. They worked tirelessly to identify and deliver such opportunities, which I know created an enhanced awareness of our brand.

Given the important role of benefits programs for most organizations, GroupHEALTH undertook a significant disaster preparedness exercise in 2015. Communications was of course a key component. AHA was instrumental in providing the foundational communications plan, both internal and external. They provided all of the documentation, communication flow, key messaging, etc. for the plan. A key element of this planning was a thorough day-long media training session, where all senior executives worked through managing key messages, how to deal with media, presentation on camera, etc. We then practiced those skills in recorded mock interviews, which the team agreed were invaluable.

In any business or service, there will be providers who seem similar in terms of raw skill sets. The tie-breaker is attitude, effort and personal integrity. Ruth and Paul not only have superior skill sets and experience, but they are also, quite simply, some of the best people I have had the pleasure to work with over many years in business.