Our Culture

aha_rideWe’re always on the look out for talent and we’re good people to partner with. From the moment we started our agency, we have made creating a positive culture here a priority. We know that a crew that feels appreciated and respected delivers the best for our clients and we are focused on creating an exceptional experience for our crew and our clients.

Random Acts of Kindness

The world can seem like a cold, uncaring place sometimes. Here at AHA, we want to make it a little bit warmer. At the start of each month, we appoint one person on the Crew as the Head of Kindness. They receive a bit of money to go out and create a little happiness. Maybe it’s taking the ferry workers hot chocolate on a cold day, or stopping by the local home for the elderly with spring flowers, or it could be taking dog treats to the SPCA. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s kind and makes a stranger happy.

Good, Better, Best!

Do you think there’s something we, at AHA, could do to make our collaboration better, more effective, more efficient, or more fun? We hold Good, Better, Best! brainstorming sessions to look at ways to be the best – for our clients and for each other. We’re always trying to learn, to grow, and to improve. We find that when we team up and brainstorm – great things happen!