Our Approach

AHA_OurApproachAHA Creative Strategies isn’t your “average” communications agency. We’re a little bit bold and cheekier than most. We’re more willing to take the road less travelled and we never, ever take the cookie cutter approach to our clients. The world has changed – and so has communication. Traditional PR and social media are all a part of the communications tool kit that we use.

We are professional, reliable and provide our clients with world-class expertise – a skill set that matches any of the big PR agencies. We bring the benefit of decades of experience in this field. (More years than we care to admit!) We also love what we do and have a great deal of fun doing it.

We are more casual than corporate, but don’t think for a moment that we aren’t comfortable in the boardroom or presenting to your senior executive or board of directors. We “suit up” very well. We have a strong business underpinning to our approach to communications and understand the importance of perception, credibility and return on investment. However, we are on a mission to rid the world of corporate doublespeak and bring a simple, straight forward, and authentic approach to PR.

We know that our unique culture isn’t right for every organization. For many, AHA is the best agency possible and together, it’s like a match made in heaven. We’re fortunate enough to have clients that believe in us as much as we believe in them. Experiencing exceptional relationships with our clients is a benefit that grows out of providing great client service, excellent strategy and executing effectively. With us, clients get a communications team that cares about their success as much as they do.

We’re a little different, that’s true. The world is a different place now and we get it. Do you? If you do, contact us and let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.